Running on Empty? Need To Recharge?

We did it.  we made it to another year ( Yeah) 🙂

I’m exhausted…  what A year.

with all the stress that we incur on a daily basis.  It effects us Physically ( Our Health) Emotionally ( Our Happiness) Mentally ( Our Focus) and Spiritually ( Our Purpose)

  • Physical – we should get they say at least 30 minutes of Exercise four times a week; we should also be on a regular Sleep Cycle too.
  • Emotional – we need to be in relationships that energize us and make us a better person;  this could be a new relationship or someone you haven’t talked to in awhile.
  • Mental – sometimes we need to step away from the email and the text’s.  This could mean going to the mall, museum, walking in the park.  you need time/space to be one with yourself.
  • Spiritual – I think at this time in my life this is my favorite.  I have never really kept a journal they say who ever they our state it is a good way to get your thoughts out. I am partial to having a practice such as Yoga, Pilates Meditation, etc. these type of things help you to keep connected to something that is greater than yourself.

I know some people would just say hey.. just give me a red bull.  and they work to give you energy.

But do you feel recharged?



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