Recently Tried a Natural Heartburn Relief Product

I have recently tried a Natural Heartburn Relief Product  called  Maximum Strength #Axia3  which is actually enzyme Supplement and it is made in the US and it is Chew-able too.

I wasn’t sure about because when I need something for heartburn; usually go for something strong like Alka Seltzer etc.  but I was reading the ingredients and  I went to the website and I was pleasantly surprised. and decided to give it a go.  It has a taste that I remember from when I was younger which bought back great memories.


According to there Website it states ”

Axia3® ProDigestive® Antacid is the first ProDigestive® antacid supplement to deliver fast-acting relief from occasional heartburn, while promoting healthy digestion. Axia3® ProDigestive® Antacid is ideal for people that suffer from occasional heartburn due to diet, stress, exercise, and other causes.

Axia3® ProDigestive® Antacid is very different from traditional antacids because it is formulated with an exclusive blend of natural ProDigestive® enzymes that work with your body’s digestive system.

Your body naturally produces digestive enzymes such as a-amylase and pepsin that are activated by gastric acid, in order to let your body digest food and nutrients. Traditional products neutralize heartburn by lowering the level of acid in the stomach, which renders your digestive enzymes ineffective.

Axia3® ProDigestive™ Antacid is specially formulated to relieve occasional heartburn while delivering ProDigestive™ enzymes to your digestive system which continue working to break down food and absorb nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy.


no Chalky taste. very pleasant to the palate and to my Tummy.   I would definitely give   #Axia3  a try especially if your trying to get away from harsh chemicals.

I checked out the pricing too.  and you can find #Axia3 directly from there site #Axia3





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