The 9 scents of Night



Imagine Your curtains are drawn . Your bedding is Super soft, Microfiber. Your room is dark and quiet, and your Lavender/chamomile tea is sweet and calming.

The missing sense to ease your way into sleep? Smell! Research suggests that some scents (such as lavender) can produce stress-relieving physiological responses, like decreased heart rate.

While you peruse the following sleep scents, also consider embracing these soothing aromatic products in your bedroom to achieve greater relaxation:


 nowsolutions Now Solutions Ultrasonic Faux Wood Essential Oil Diffuser

This curved, vase-like diffuser appears to be a sculptural accent piece. But when you add water and essential oils to the central chamber, it unleashes a thin stream of cool, ultrafine aromatic mist that permeates your room.

 rareessence RareEssence Dream Spa Diffuser

Free from solvents, alcohols, petrochemicals and phthalates, this diffuser features nourishing lavender, armoise and clary sage to coax you to sleep and calm your mind. A beautiful package makes this diffuser attractive on your bedside table, too.

 aura Aura Cacia Aromatherapy USB Essential Oil Diffuser

A compact, portable diffuser that features a USB port to power a (quiet!) internal fan that gently vaporizes organic essential oils. Plug into your phone’s charger at night, or bring it to work for all-day stress relief.

 juniper Juniper Ridge White Sage Campfire Incense

Each stick of incense is made from wild-harvested plants, tree sap, wood and bamboo—no weird perfumes or charcoal. Burn this earthy, light white sage stick in your bedroom while preparing to sleep (making sure you extinguish it before falling asleep) to dream of sun-drenched mountains.



 With a light citrus aroma, Bergamot oil contains flavonoids that help soothe nerves and reduce tension, anxiety and stress, which helps to alleviate insomnia. These flavonoids also induce feelings of sedation, much like chemical receptors in the brain, including dopamine and serotonin. When bergamot is added to regular black tea, it then becomes Earl Grey tea.



 Not only does cedarwood oil help alleviate irritation from a cough, cold or congestion, it’s also popular for use as a sedative. It has a soothing and calming effect on the mind while relieving tension and anxiety. The scent can trigger the release of serotonin, which is converted into melatonin in the brain. Fun fact: it’s also effective as a fungicide to help with both internal and external fungal infections.


Roman chamomile is said to be the most effective to use for insomnia. Its therapeutic properties include sedative and relaxing attributes. Combine Roman chamomile essential oil with true lavender essential oil for a more powerful treatment, according to Quinessence.



 Frankincense elicits a sense of peace, relaxation and spirituality. It also lowers anger, anxiety and stress. Add frankincense oil to a diffuser or vaporizer when you are having a particularly bad day. On a side note, the oil also helps as a diuretic, promoting urination and helping you lose extra water weight without adverse side effects.



Not only will jasmine help you get to sleep with its antispasmodic and sedative properties, it’s also an aphrodisiac. It enhances your libido and feelings of desire. In India, jasmine has traditionally been part of a bride’s ensemble. lavender


Perhaps the most well-known essential oil used for sleep and relaxation, lavender can be a more natural replacement for sleep aids or modern sleep remedies. Simply drop some lavender oil on your pillow to help combat your insomnia. This essential oil can also help with migraines and headaches.lemon


Lemon oil is a calming remedy to help alleviate mental fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety and tension. In addition to helping those with insomnia, lemon oil has a high vitamin content and can boost the body’s immune system by stimulating white blood cells to help fight off disease.

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