Mushroom Jerky Review

So I received a package of Pan’s Mushroom Jerky.

Funky name right?

Well,  Love mushrooms lets see

I first looked at the Carbs and was omg. And then realized I am only eating 2 or 3 mushrooms at a time.

The carb content is not bad really as long as you don’t gorge yourself ( which is hard not to do they are sooo tasty)

1 serving is considered 1/3 cup at 19G  7 G Fiber  7G sugar so Net is  12G for 1/3 C not sure how many mushrooms are in a 1/3 cup  but only eating two or three is not bad and taste great.

They are made in Portland Oregon from Panco foods

They are almost like a lays potatoe chip.  One just wont do.

Be it that you are watching carbs or not.  I highly recommend the Mushroom Jerky. 

The ingredients are really clean the added sugar is coconut sugar and there is nothing that you can not pronounce so that is a big plus.  The only weird part about them is the way the look but hey it is jerky Mushroom how are they suppose to look? 

the price is not bad it is only $9.00

I tasted the Zesty Thai, it comes in original, apple wood BBQ and Salt and Pepper

you can purchase directly from #Pan’sMushroomJerky or use there store Locator to find it right near you


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