Alternative to Chemical Anxiety products

I have recently Tried from #yourtheory there Ashwagandha and I will say that it does work. I stopped taking for a few weeks what I was taking and was pleasantly surprised.

It states that it helps with :

  • helps maintain normal cortisol levels*
  • boosts mental & physical performance*
  • promotes calm & clarity*

I started to read up about Ashwagandha and found out also that is can help with other items besides Stress and anxiety.

  • Depression
  • Can help reduce blood sugar levels
  • they are still doing research but might have anti cancer properties
  • can reduce cortisol levels
  • Can boost testosterone and increase fertility in men
  • May increase muscle mass and strength
  • May reduce inflammation
  • May lower cholesterol and triglycerides
  • May improve brain function, including memory

Easy to take; there are many brands out there but #yourtheory is a trusted and know brand. highly Recommend


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