The Fruit of your Labor.

I do a small garden every year.  This past Sunday I planted 17 Tomato plants everything from Early Girls to Cherokee purple hearts to a black cherry tomato. Early in this year I planted some bulbs and  ( Lilies, Iris's, Tulips, Daffodils, and many more). this Sunday I had one bloom and it was just … Continue reading The Fruit of your Labor.


The 9 scents of Night

#NewHopeBlogger Imagine Your curtains are drawn . Your bedding is Super soft, Microfiber. Your room is dark and quiet, and your Lavender/chamomile tea is sweet and calming. The missing sense to ease your way into sleep? Smell! Research suggests that some scents (such as lavender) can produce stress-relieving physiological responses, like decreased heart rate. While … Continue reading The 9 scents of Night

12 Keys To Happiness

#NewHopeBlogger Are you On a quest to achieve A richer  fulfillment in your life? While happiness may be relative, there are actions you can take every day to keep your mind positive and your body at its best. Here are 12 happiness activities to exercise daily. On a quest to achieve richer fulfillment in your … Continue reading 12 Keys To Happiness