Review – Papa Steves No Junk Raw Bars Protein Bar

#Papa Steves No Junk Raw Bars Protein Bar   I was happy to see that these bars were higher protein.   Due to the honey  Sugar grams are at  8.5 Grams for the bar.  And total Net grams of carbs are at 14 GRMs.  Which is not bad for a protein bar.   When I … Continue reading Review – Papa Steves No Junk Raw Bars Protein Bar

Olivida Dead Sea Soap – Review

I just received a bar of the Olivida Dead Sea Soap and I am in Love.  It has the texture of a French Milled soap which to me, it means it is long lasting. According to there Website  " the Soap is composed of olive oil added to a mixture of the treated Dead Sea … Continue reading Olivida Dead Sea Soap – Review

* Review * Natures Fusions – Essential Oils

I just received my New Hope Blogger Box.    So exciting.   I was  very intrigued with the Sample pack from #Natures Fusions;  it was a three pack of Crystal Breath, Dragons Breath and Fire and ice.  I am a Doterra user and I do use other brands too. they do have comparison to Doterra and … Continue reading * Review * Natures Fusions – Essential Oils

NeoCell Glow Matrix – Review

I received a sample bottle of Neocell Glow Matrix  and thought I would give a review. I think what drew me to the package was the color's  very appealing o the eye and the fact that they state within 15 days  you will see a reduce in signs of aging??   It states on the … Continue reading NeoCell Glow Matrix – Review

Recently Tried a Natural Heartburn Relief Product

I have recently tried a Natural Heartburn Relief Product  called  Maximum Strength #Axia3  which is actually enzyme Supplement and it is made in the US and it is Chew-able too. I wasn't sure about because when I need something for heartburn; usually go for something strong like Alka Seltzer etc.  but I was reading the … Continue reading Recently Tried a Natural Heartburn Relief Product