Creamy Herb Dressing

Tofu is what makes this creamy. without adding lots of unhealthy fats. this is great on a salad or even as a spread for a sandwich or a wrap Ingredients: 1 package  firm tofu (12 ounces)  1 cup fresh watercress, stems removed 2 tablespoons fresh dill, stems removed (about 1-2 sprigs)  8-10 basil leaves, torn  … Continue reading Creamy Herb Dressing


Lemon And Rosemary Shortbread

2 Cups Almond Flour  2 Cups Almond Flour1/3 Cup Sweetener of Choice1 1/2 tbsp Lemon Zest6 Tbsp Butter4 tsp Lemon Juice1 tsp Vanilla extract2 tsp Fresh Rosemary ( Chopped)1/2 tsp Baking Soda1/4 tsp xanthan gum1/2 tsp Baking Powder place all dry ingredients in a bowl and set aside.Zest Lemon and juice lemon and set asideMelt … Continue reading Lemon And Rosemary Shortbread

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes (Low Carb/Sugar Free)

Rich, and decadent— Great for Valentines day..  Low Carb and sugar Free too they should be eaten right away or possibly store them in the fridge for about 3 days. Ingredients - Cupcakes 1 c  unsweetened cocoa powder ¾ c Almond Flour 2 tsp baking powder ¼ tsp salt 2 tbsp  unsalted butter, melted 2 … Continue reading Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes (Low Carb/Sugar Free)