PGX – Daily – Product Review

#PGX® Daily Singles PGX - Daily - Product Review I have been wanting to try PGX Daily Singles for awhile now.  and I was so excited when I received a package to try.  I did it more to add in Fiber into my diet.  and all I can say is WOW... I have put it … Continue reading PGX – Daily – Product Review


NeoCell Glow Matrix – Review

I received a sample bottle of Neocell Glow Matrix  and thought I would give a review. I think what drew me to the package was the color's  very appealing o the eye and the fact that they state within 15 days  you will see a reduce in signs of aging??   It states on the … Continue reading NeoCell Glow Matrix – Review

Recently Tried a Natural Heartburn Relief Product

I have recently tried a Natural Heartburn Relief Product  called  Maximum Strength #Axia3  which is actually enzyme Supplement and it is made in the US and it is Chew-able too. I wasn't sure about because when I need something for heartburn; usually go for something strong like Alka Seltzer etc.  but I was reading the … Continue reading Recently Tried a Natural Heartburn Relief Product