Olivida Dead Sea Soap – Review

I just received a bar of the Olivida Dead Sea Soap and I am in Love.  It has the texture of a French Milled soap which to me, it means it is long lasting.

According to there Website  ” the Soap is composed of olive oil added to a mixture of the treated Dead Sea Mud. The olive oil component in this soap softens the skin, while the Dead Sea Mud gives it strength, flexibility and purity.”

it is great to deep clean your skin be it face, body or even just hands.

it has just a refreshing smell to it and don’t be scared of the color it does not stain your hands or sink. and very moisturizing to the skin too which comes from the olive oil.

I looked at there website and it shows that the Dead Sea Soap comes in a 2 pack for  $10.98 or a 4 pack for $21.96.  actually reasonable pricing for such a great product.

Click here Olivida or the picture below to check out and even purchase this wonderful soap.



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