Spring is a time for new beginnings! you can start with these 10 easy steps to renew your health and wellness


Spring is here, which means it’s time to ditch winter layers, pull out bright spring colors and get outside as Mother Nature awakens the start of a new season. As spring is the season for new beginnings, renew your health and wellness routine with these ten tips.


Step up your workouts

 Use the spring season to step up your fitness routine. Try a new workout or find a way to commit to mindful movement every day. Whether it’s a 30-minute walk or a 60-minute sweat session at the gym, ramp up your exercise routine and recommit to yourself and your healthy lifestyle.



Update your wardrobe


If you spent your winter workouts dawning dark colors such as black, gray and navy, it’s time to add a pop of color to your workout attire. Spring is all about bright colors. Bright blues, lovely lavenders, gorgeous greens and sunshine yellows. Use nature as inspiration, and find a new pair of workout pants or a new tank top.


Swap your scenery


Most of us have been stuck indoors all winter. Artificial light, white walls and windowless cubicles can get old rather quickly, so take some time to change up your scenery. Take your afternoon lunch break outside or go for a leisurely walk after dinner. Use the fresh, warm air to energize you. Stepping outside into the springtime weather can help switch your mindset to the exciting possibilities of a new season ahead.


Go non-toxic


As you embark on spring cleaning, opt for organic cleaning solutions or make your own at home. One of our favorite recipes for a DIY cleaning solution is easy. Take one bucket of warm water mixed with 2-3 tablespoons of white vinegar. That’s it! Want a clean, fresh scent? Add your favorite essential oil like lemon, mint, eucalyptus, peppermint or lavender. A few drops will go a long way, so remember less is more.


Eat for the season


Spring means the start of farmer’s market season, so plan a trip to your local farmer’s market for some fresh, local produce. Whether you shop at the farmer’s market or stick to your local grocer, opt for fresh fruit and vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats such as nuts and seeds. Ask your friends to join you for lunch and have a healthy picnic in the sunshine.


While you’re shopping the local farmer’s market, pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers for yourself. The sight of flowers can improve your mood and even help make you happy. The beautiful shades and hues of flowers can add a pop of color to your home or office and ultimately brighten your day.garden

Grow something


Dust off your window sills or get out in your garden and plant something. Whether you have a large outdoor space and can grow an entire vegetable garden or if you only have a small windowsill for a few of your favorite herbs and spices, grow something this season. You’ll be thanking yourself come summer when you’re enjoying fresh garden tomatoes and homegrown herbs.kitchen

Spring clean your kitchen


We all know springtime is a time for spring cleaning, but don’t overlook some rooms of your home, such as the kitchen, that may be ignored. Ditch the canola and vegetable oil, toss canned goods that contain MSG and say so long to sugars and processed foods. Don’t forget your spices and seasonings, which are good for about one year.hike

Hit the trail


Take your indoor treadmill workout outdoors and hit the trails instead. Whether you walk or run, spending time in nature clears the mind, reduces stress and can improve physical health. Looking for something different? Sign up for a running race. Most running groups and organizations offer discounts for early sign-ups. Nervous to embark on a race by yourself? Recruit family and friends and sign up together!


Get inspired


Spring is all about new life and new opportunities. Use this new season to make healthy changes, set new goals for yourself and appreciate the magic and miracles of new beginnings.

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